Roti Maker Buying Tips

The popularity of roti makers has urged so many people to try out this exceptional invention. It has not only benefitted several Asian households but also made roti an exclusive part of lunch and dinner in the European countries.

So, have you made your mind that you are making roti maker an integral part of your kitchen? The majority of people get jumbled up while deciding for the right roti maker. The market is full of different roti maker machines. The number of appliance manufacturing companies is growing day by day Apparently, every roti maker machine looks the same, but has different aspects and features. Choosing the roti maker that suits best to your needs is not as difficult as you might think of it. With little research and the right guideline, you can bring home the finest roti maker machine without any hassle.

Decide Why You Need A Roti Maker

The most important thing about buying a roti maker is why you really need to buy one. Some people who are experts at making rotis on their own, label roti makers as a waste of money. However, roti makers are undoubtedly a very useful device when it comes to commercial use. Not only that, it has helped youngsters living far away from home to eat fresh rotis just like their home. If you are one of those people who are desperate to make round and perfectly cooked rotis, buying a roti maker machine will be worth it.

Griddle Size And Material

The griddle size of the roti maker and its material matters a lot. Many people blame the roti maker when their rotis are not cooked or the rotis are too big for the griddle. Try to choose the perfect griddle size that is 8inches to 10inches. Make sure that the griddle is made with forged aluminum. If the griddle of the roti maker is made with aluminum, heat will be easily distributed. Along with that, make sure the base of the griddle is non-stick so that rotis will not get burned or stick to the roti maker.

Indicator Light

You need to know what’s going on in the roti maker while you place the dough in it. For that, choose a roti maker that has an indicator light in it. You will encounter many cheap brands that do not add indicator lights on the roti makers the manufacture. However, indicator lights tell you about whether the roti maker is working or not, and when the roti inside is fully cooked.

Go For A Branded Roti Maker

Paying an extra dollar or two won’t hurt when you are getting exactly what you deserve. Never settle for anything else than a good brand when you are looking for a good roti maker machine. Popular brands like Rotimatic, Prestige, and Bajaj are renowned for their amazing warranties and customer support. Trying to save money will not help because cheap local roti makers will cost you even more because of the low-quality.

Shockproof Body

You are buying a roti maker to cook rotis and not yourself, so it is better to stay safe than sorry. Roti makers that conduct power and use electricity can be life-threatening if they don’t feature a shockproof body. Electrical leakage through the roti maker during the rainy season can make become serious. It is advisable to check if the body of your roti maker is shockproof. Go through the description of the product where the features are described. Don’t risk buying a roti maker that can be a trouble for you afterward.

Handle Should Be Non-Heating

The handle is also a major part of a roti maker because you have to keep it pressed until the roti is fully cooked and the light turns red. When the temperature inside the roti maker rises, the handle will also get heated up. While buying fry pans, we make sure that the handle is non-heating. Similarly, the handle of your roti maker should also be non-heating so that you can easily hold it while the roti is cooking inside.


Durability matters a lot. Obviously, you are not buying a roti maker just for some months. When you buy any appliance, you need something that will work long-term. It is better to make a one-time investment instead of repairing your cheap roti maker every month. The body of your roti maker should be solid and its functions should be user-friendly.


Not buying a cheap roti maker doesn’t mean that you overspend while buying a new roti maker. Make sure you search for a roti maker machine staying within your budget. Don’t get fooled with companies that offer extremely cheap products, but don’t even empty your pocket buying a thing that doesn’t cost that much. You can easily buy quality roti makers in the market at affordable rates. So, watch out for scams and find the right machine for your kitchen.

Read Reviews

It is very important to get referrals when you are searching for a roti maker. If any of your acquaintances are currently using any roti maker, ask them about their experience. The people who are currently using these devices will give honest opinions and feedback. Once you have a list of some references, read out the reviews on their websites and check out the product ratings. It will help you a great deal in making an informed decision.


If your roti maker comes with a manufacturer’s warranty nothing can be better than that. The more warranty period our roti maker has, the more worthy it gets. Some companies offer a 1-year warranty while others offer a 2 to 3 years warranty. Read the warranty policy of the company and see what it covers. The best roti maker companies offer product servicing, part repairing, and complete repairing without cost during the warranty period. Keeping a check on the warranty period while buying a roti maker is always a smart step.