Roti Maker Machine: Ultimate Guide & Review For Your Kitchen

Tired of the rolling, grinding, and trying to get perfectly round rotis? With the fuss of managing time in the era where everyone is extremely busy, making soft and tasty rotis for yourself and your family should be an easy task. With the perfect roti maker in your kitchen, this is now possible. Get perfect shaped and well-cooked rotis without a sweat. This detailed roti maker guide has all you need to know about this exclusive invention.

Introduction About Roti Maker Machine

Roti maker machine is one of the most remarkable inventions that perfectly fits in the present time. It is an easy to use electric device that is designed to make soft and tasty rotis in less than a minute. The basic working mechanism of a roti maker depends on pressure and heat. The pressure enhances the softness and fluffiness in the roti while equal heat makes the roti fully cooked.

There are three major parts of a roti maker; the base, the hinged top, and the handle. The base and hinged top are supposed to be closed while the handle on both sides is used to compress the dough in a perfectly round and flat shape roti. The handle of a rot maker is the most important part because it helps flatten the dough.  Roti makers also have an indicator light that turns red while the roti is cooking and turns off when it is done.

Roti makers have introduced an easy, healthy, and quick method to make rotis without any hassle. Most of the roti makers are non-stick so that you don’t need to add any oil to them. Say goodbye to the sweaty hours you had to spend in the kitchen making rotis manually. Just turn on your roti maker, place the dough, compress it, and make up to 10 rotis withing 10 minutes. This machine has made the lives of migrated youngsters as well as homemakers easier.

Types Of Roti Maker Machine

The growing popularity of roti makers has urged many companies to introduce a variety of roti makers to stay ahead in the race. It has made it difficult for people to decide without making a thorough research on the different types of roti makers currently available in the market. Following are some of the most trending roti maker types:

  • Manually operated roti makers
  • Semi-automatic/fully automatic roti makers
  • Smart roti makers

Manually Operated Roti Makers

The manual operated roti makers are the most affordable type of roti makers available in the market. Being manual doesn’t mean that you will have to put some extra effort or time into making rotis with this one. All you need to do is knead the dough, place it in between the lid and base of the roti maker. Keep the handle pressed until the machine reaches its maximum temperature and the roti becomes fluffy. You can easily find several manual roti makers because different renowned appliance companies are manufacturing durable and easy to handle manual roti makers.

Semi-Automatic/Fully Automatic Roti Makers

Semi-automatic or fully automatic roti makers are also popular but they might require human supervision. You cannot just leave them with the dough inside because your rotis might burn down. Other than that, semi-automatic and automatic roti makers have more capacity than manual ones. They are also huge in size. For that reason, this type of roti maker is mostly used for commercial use where rotis are made in large quantities. Semi-automatic or fully automatic can make up to 900 rotis per hour because of their high capacity. A major reason why these roti makers will not be an ideal choice for regular use is its price. They are highly expensive to be used for home.

Smart Roti Makers

If you think that the smart world is limited to smart automation, smartphones, and smart gadgets, wait until you see the smart roti makers. Rotimatic is currently the only smart roti maker machine available in the appliance market. This machine can change its setting according to the requirements and features of Artificial intelligence and IoT. This machine is a symbol of luxury and style. Having this machine in your kitchen will make your busy life easier and more relaxing. Just pour the ingredients and adjust the settings. Wait for 90 seconds and get perfectly baked roti on your dinner table.

Why Should We Buy Roti Maker Machine?

Rotis are a part of every meal in Asian households more than western and European countries. However, roti is something loved around the globe. The modern era has changed the traditional way of roti making where you have to spend hours in the heated-up kitchen.  

The invention of roti maker has undoubtedly revolutionized daily life in the kitchens. There are different concerns related to the importance of having a roti maker in your kitchen. No doubt that the roti made in a roti maker and handmade roti are almost the same, so why should you buy a roti maker machine? Let us see.

Health Benefits of Roti Maker: You must know how healthy and hygienic your rotis are. Poorly cooked or overly cooked rotis become the reason for stomach problems and weak digestion. With a roti maker, you get well-cooked rotis that are high-quality. The nutrition in the rotis remains balanced because of the equal amount of heat. The rotis made with a roti maker are easy to chew and digest.

Less Gas Usage: Roti makers are cost-friendly. How? Making handmade rotis consumes a large amount of your gas usage. This results in high gas bills every month. Buying a roti maker will be a one-time investment because you will not have to pay the high gas bills. Not only that, roti-makers are energy efficient as well. So, wait no more and switch your roti cooking method from gas to electricity.

Good For Beginners: It needs a lot of practice and time to make perfect rotis or flatbreads with the traditional “tava” method, which is why roti makers are the choice of every new learner. People take years in learning how to make well-cooked rotis and still fail. However, a roti-maker will never disappoint you. No more embarrassing moments of burnt and undercooked rotis when you have a roti maker.

Easy Usage And Maintenance: The best part about buying a roti maker is its easy maintenance and user-friendly features. Anyone with little to no knowledge of making a roti can easily make the best rotis with a roti maker. Amazingly soft rotis are now in the age of everybody regardless of age and gender. You can easily use a roti maker by placing the dough on the base while pressing the top lid with the handle. It takes only 1 minute for a roti to cook perfectly.

Along with that, it is easy to maintain a roti maker because you don’t need to add oil or any butter on the base. Roti makers are manufactured with a non-stick base and top so that your rotis will not stick to it. Just make your rotis and clean it with a dry cloth. Make sure you switch it off if you are using an automatic roti maker machine.

More Rotis In Less Time: Are you expecting guests tonight? Asians love to have rotis on the dinner table as they are considered more nutritious and healthier.  Get ready to be showered with compliments for your nicely cooked and fluffy rotis with the help of a roti-maker. You can have as many guests at a time and you won’t be worried when they’ll ask for an extra roti. As stated above that a roti maker can make 10 rotis in 10 minutes only, which is half of the time you spend in making them manually. Buying a roti maker is highly recommended if you have a busy routine, or you are a beginner. The people who know about the importance of a roti maker have made it a significant part of their lives. This invention is designed to make your life easier. In the beginning, roti makers were considered as a luxury afforded to only the elite class. However, with the trending need for this machine, it is now in the range of every budget. You can easily find a variety of roti maker models that fits your budget.

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 6 reviews
by Rebecca Crawford on Roti Maker
To buy for sure!

“I am thinking why didn’t I buy this roti maker before. I have been using a 10 inch Roti Maker by StarBlue for 2 years now, and even my young one can easily make rotis for her and her brother. I have a busy routine, which is why I have always preferred a roti maker in my kitchen instead of spending hours making rotis. This is really an innovation worth having. All I do is place the dough and let the roti maker machine do its work.”

by Terri M. Laura on Roti Maker
Recommended product

“I am always cautious about buying anything online. When my friend told me about this website and the products i made sure that I read all the reviews so that I get the right thing. I am glad that this roti maker is now my roti partner. Just make sure that if you are buying this one, you are aware of how to use it. Read the user manual carefully because you might have some difficulty as a beginner. What I do is knead my dough and leave it to rest for half an hour to get the perfect fluffy rotis.”

by Adhira Sharma on Roti Maker
Happy Customer 🙂

“I was sick of trying different methods when I was learning how to make rotis. Every single time I tried to make round rotis it ended up becoming something else. My misery didn’t end here. The rotis either used to burn or remain uncooked from the corners. Glad that I came across Revel Roti CTM 620 honestly, making the perfect rotis was never too easy before. This thing is really a lifesaver. Now, I don’t ever fear to present my rotis to the guests. Love this precious machine!”

by Ananya Tripathi on Roti Maker
Tortilla making machine

“For those who want to buy a tortilla making machine (roti maker), this thing is the best. I have been making rotis for 25 years, but ever since I have bought (Victoria 8 Inch Cast Iron Tortilla Press) the definition of roti making has changed for me. Being an expert in roti making never got this thought off from my mind that I need something that can do this work faster. This invention has really been a reason for comfort and convenience for housewives like me and many other people.”

by Fatima Malik on Roti Maker
Things to keep in mind before buying

One thing that I must say about this roti maker machine is that it is so consistent in doing what it is designed to do. I have used roti makers of different companies, but not a single one has satisfied me this much. Let me detail my review for you! There are some important things that you need to keep in mind while using the 10inch Roti Maker by StarBlue.
1. Mix your ingredients well before putting them in the roti maker.
2. The dough shouldn’t be so soft, otherwise, it will expand out of the griddle.
3. Do not, I repeat do not mess with the buttons while the roti making is in the process.
I am so pleased that I finally found the perfect match for my roti making needs. This thing is something that everyone should have in their kitchens.

by Mark Person on Roti Maker
Best Site For Roti Maker

“I am thinking why didn’t I buy this roti maker before. I have been using (product name) for 2 years now, and even my young one can easily make rotis for her and her brother. I have a busy routine, which is why I have always preferred a roti maker in my kitchen instead of spending hours making rotis. This is really an innovation worth having. All I do is place the dough and let the roti maker machine do its work.”